Federal Career Experts

City Hilton Head
State SC
Country United States

Federal Career Experts is a small business that specializes in training and consulting in the areas of retirement and career development and transition. Federal Career Experts’ clients are U. S. Government agencies, as well as individuals who are seeking federal employment. It was founded in 1996 by John Grobe, a retired federal employee. Federal Career Experts serves both as a direct contractor and as a sub-contractor when delivering training and consulting services. More information is available at www.federalcareerexperts.com.

Environmental Commitment

Federal Career Experts believes in protecting our planet. After all, it is the only one we have. We make choices that enhance the quality of our atmosphere and the quality of life for all inhabitants of Earth. Federal Career Experts has become Carbonfree by offsetting their carbon footprint through supporting renewable energy projects.

“The nature of Federal Career Experts’ business requires that we travel a great deal”, said John Grobe, President. “Though we are conscientious about our energy usage, we still have a relatively large ‘carbon footprint’ and have chosen to take steps to offset our impact on climate change.”