Evolution Marketing, LLC

City Nashotah
State WI
Country United States

Our Mission:  Live responsibly, work by example, lead by design & educate through action

Evolution Marketing, LLC  is a Wisconsin based women-owned Certified B Corp™ specializing in the area of global sustainability consulting and storytelling, environmentally responsible creative design and ethical marketing.  They  offer a variety of consulting and business advising services within the fields of sustainability, supply chain management, organic/natural food, farming and third-party responsible business certifications.

What makes Evolution Marketing and its team unique, is that they are also practitioners of sustainable business initiatives.  This means their company has been operating in a triple bottom line (i.e., socially and environmentally responsible) manner since their founding in 2007.  At Evolution Marketing all business decisions are run through the lens of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic viability (i.e. people, planet and profit).

Doing Good, while Doing our Job! 

Evolution Marketing has been adopting innovative sustainable business strategies, and triple bottom line managed practices for over a decade.  They have been addressing carbon in their operations since 2008 and have been offering their professional services in a carbon neutral manner since Jan 1st, 2018.   They are proud to be a member of the Carbonfree Partner Program for Small Business.

Want to learn more about Evolution Marketing’s carbon actions (including our most recent carbon footprint and operational impact report), go to  https://greenmkting.com/carbon

“We were  thrilled  to learn about the  Carbonfree Partner Program for small businesses.  At Evolution Marketing we strive to make low carbon business decisions, from driving an all-electric zero emission vehicle to working with a local farm family to compost all our food waste.  Through our partnership with Carbonfund we are able to off-set our small office footprint, and demonstrate in a transparent manner to all of our stakeholders (i.e. clients, community members, and contracted staff) our commitment to building a low carbon economy.” – Lisa Geason-Bauer, President, Evolution Marketing, LLC