Erin Twamley

City Huntsville
State AL
Country United States

Erin Twamley is working to create the new generation of STEM Superheroes™. As an award-winning children’s book author and educator (M.Ed.), Twamley focuses on sharing the stories of women in STEM and creating excitement about STEM careers. Twamley founded an educational consulting group in 2018, that rebranded in 2021 to STEM Superheroes. ™ As a Lifetime member Girl Scout and Global Facilitator for Girl Scouts Overseas, Erin leads interactive STEM encounters with Girl Scouts of all program levels around the world. Twamley’ mission is to address the challenges in STEM through publications and encounters. You will currently find Erin in Huntsville, writing her next book, Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy (March 2022).

Erin Twamley is an educator (M.Ed.) and award-winning children’s book author enthusiastic about providing interactive science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) encounters and publications. Her books focus on topics such as Climate Change, Renewable Energy or Everyday Superheroes, the women in STEM Careers. All her books have a carbon footprint, and she works to lower the emissions and use sustainable resources in creating the works. Her books use over 50% renewable based inks, materials like paper that are Forest Stewardship Council certified and managed from mixed sources. From the content to the product, Mrs. Twamley is working on engaging young learners in sustainability and helping them to protect and build a more sustainable planet. Reach the author on all social media channels or visit her website at

“While I strive to reduce my climate impact by utilizing renewably sourced inks, responsibly managed paper, US based printers and distribute my books digitally, e-book and audio, books in any format have a carbon footprint! Carbonfund makes it easy to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint of my children’s books with a carbon offset.” – Erin Twamley, Author and Educator