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ePlusGreen is a free online technology Cloud service connecting Individuals, Charities and Businesses working toward a just and sustainable world. You can now help in reducing carbon emissions while saving money, at the same time as supporting your favorite Charity (Carbonfund.org).

ePlusGreen’s patented PC power management solution carefully analyzes your PC components usage and power consumption then automatically implements new energy power saving measures; the clever technology will also turn off your PC if you or a family member ever forgets to !  In addition, your actions are earning funding for Carbonfund.org.

ePlusGreen was built around the belief that great companies, and their customers, want to make a difference. Even beyond that, they want to help others make a difference. ePlusGreen base values are not just on generating profits, but also on delivering benefits to individuals and the community that combines financial concerns and social, environmental, and ethical issues into a unified business strategy by assisting social charity foundations for the great job they do and contributing to the global sustainability efforts for a greener environment.

Environmental Commitment

Acting all together to Make a Difference! No matter how hard you act, a single person’s impact is never as big as the masses to reduce carbon footprint. That is why ePlusGreen partnered with Carbonfund.org and created a Eco-Socio responsible community, allowing to unite everyone on our planet and invite them to act together. It’s about doing. It’s about action. It’s about creating a brighter, greener, healthier and more sustainable planet.

Reduce Energy Consumption for FREE – Changing out light bulbs is a no-brainer, but there are some cool technologies out there that don’t cost a thing. ePlusGreen offers such a free technology that can help reduce carbon emissions and minimize energy from computer usage by up to 30% and also provide Carbonfund.org up to 50% reoccurring donation funding by simply signing up for free Click here

“Like Carbonfund.org, ePlusGreen believes that working together as a group creates an even bigger positive impact. That’s why together we want to help develop an environmentally- and socially-responsible community, working together for a common purpose.” – Rick Martin, CoFounder

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