Enact Academy

City Lowell
State MA
Country USA

At Enact Academy, we’re on a mission to support health workers, working professionals, and nonprofits with rigorous, work-embedded online learning experiences. Our long-term vision is to fundamentally change the approach that we take – as a society – towards lifelong learning, by making it, engaging, practical, and evidence-based.

  • We’re makers: we build online courses and learning experiences, with a focus on customizing existing solutions rather than building expensive new solutions.
  • We offer consulting services in online and blended learning.
  • We provide free resources for educators and nonprofits.

We’ve structured Enact Academy in a way that minimizes our carbon footprint. We’re a fully virtual company, delivering education services online, so our business doesn’t require a lot of travel or shipping of goods. As we grow, we’ll continue to make decisions that maximize what is best for the environment and for our business. We chose to work with Carbonfund.org because it has a straightforward, robust, and transparent process for small businesses to become carbon neutral!

We take our commitment to the environment so seriously that it is written into our legal DNA. Here’s the commitment we’ve made in our Operating Agreement: “We are obligated to protect our planet. This obligation complements every other aspect of our mission and does not compete with our objectives as a business. We will proactively work to minimize our impact on the environment and offset any impacts we cannot eliminate. We commit Enact Academy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime, with certification by an independent third party.”