City Itasca
State IL
Country United States

EMKAY Inc.: An innovative fleet management/leasing company.

Environmental Commitment

EMKAY has always strived to be at the helm of the “green” initiative within our industry. We are consistently making choices to better our environment whether it is the type of paper we use, or helping to educate our employees and community about green living, and ways to help save the environment.

We not only work to achieve a carbon neutral status, we are also pushing for green building materials and practices and energy efficient changes to our work environment. We even held an Earth Day event at our world headquarters to educate our employees and their children on the importance of our environment and the little things everyone can do to help it. At that event, we had the children decorate reusable grocery bags made out of 100% recycled materials, and proceeded to auction off those treasures to our valued partners with all proceeds being donated to The Nature Conservancy.

EMKAY has always, and will continue to keep our environment in mind when making decisions.

“EMKAY wanted to be associated with a respectable organization that we felt mirrored our values and ideas when it comes to our environment and how we can better it. We felt that by partnering with Carbonfund.org, we could both gain an extreme advantage in our efforts to better our environment.”