City Los Angeles
State CA
Country United States

ELIMS is a modern oral care line that is crafted by dentists to be seriously effective, earth-friendly and super good looking.

Everyone on the planet needs to brush their teeth (or let’s hope they do) which makes standard oral care products like toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes huge plastic wasters and landfill fillers. ELIMS is solving this problem by offering sustainable solutions for healthy smiles at any age. Our north star commitment is to completely reduce waste in healthcare, so essentially our oral products are like magic unicorns: sustainable, super effective, and if we say so ourselves, ridiculously good looking.

Environmental Commitment:

ELIMS is committed to fighting climate change and creating less harm for the environment with a variety of things:

  • Our products are based on plants, not fossil fuels
  • We use only recyclable packaging or packaging made of renewable resources and proven to emit less CO2 than traditional packaging
  • We have partnered with TerraCycle to take back any oral care products to be recycled responsibly (which is free to all our customers)
  • Finally, anything we cannot recycle, we partner with Carbonfund to reduce what we can’t!

“We are thrilled to be working with Carbonfund to help fulfill our commitment to doing less harm to the environment while taking care of our oral health. Since essentially everyone on the planet brushes their teeth, we have a unique obligation to bring the most responsible products to people’s smiles, and Carbonfund’s mission is perfectly aligned with ours!” – Belinda Lau, Founder + CEO