Ecobutterfly Organics

City Ojai
State California
Country USA

We are a small, Fair Trade, organic plant fiber arts & crafts business. We specialize in GOTS Pima, GOTS Tanguis, GOTS North Sea Linen and Organic Color Grown cotton yarns, fiber, fabric & more.

We support organizations that help to protect our environment and promote organics. We offset through Carbonfund that equals more than 3x our own yearly usage. All of our packaging is 99% biodegradable, high Post Consumer Waste and sustainable without exception. All of our partners are Fair Trade and care about the people that they employ. With little exception, most of our offerings are plant based & Vegan. And our Internet provider is 100% solar to avoid the use of conventional, highly dirty alternatives.

“We are 100% committed to making this world better and choose to partner with Carbonfund for that reason. We do not want to add to the deforestation, pollution and toxic waste that far too many conventional companies, like ours, contribute to. Making things better in the world, as a whole, is priority #1.” – Stephanie Schiff, Owner