EcoBrander Promos

City Puyallup
State WA
Country United States

EcoBrander Promos is a corporate merchandising firm, and a leading provider of eco-friendly promotional products, including apparel. The company’s extensive offering includes products made from sustainable resources such as recycled materials, organic cotton, corn plastic, soy, bamboo and industrial hemp. EcoBrander Promos is dedicated to helping organizations deliver a consistent sustainable business message, and values-driven promotions by providing them with environmentally responsible merchandise to place their logo on. Please visit for more information.

Environmental Commitment

EcoBranders is dedicated to offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions generated by the shipping of its client’s orders.

“We fully recognize the seriousness of the problems caused by climate change and are committed to being a part of the solution”, says company president Stacee Matheson. “Our company was built with the purpose of being a platform for change, allowing us to better the world in various ways. Our partnership with falls right in line with that mission.”