City Til Til
Country Chile


EcoAZA is part of Grupo AZA, the leading steel company in the Chilean market. Within the Group, EcoAZA has the primary function of reprocessing the slag from the steel process, to return the metallic portion of the slag and produce and give a new commercial life to the inert components, called “aggregates.” It is the role of EcoAZA to become the link that unites the chain of the circular economy that AZA has been implementing for years.

“For the 100% Carbon Neutral program, it is extremely important that high-impact industries join the fight against climate change,” says Javier Segura M., COO Latam 100% Carbon Neutral program. “EcoAZA’s arrival in this Latin American effort makes it the first company in its industry, in the subcontinent, to join the fight against climate change.”

The very nature of EcoAZA, whose business model is based on the reprocessing of recyclable materials, has a great positive impact on the environment. However, the company has always wanted to go further and demonstrate that the steel sector can be environmentally friendly. That is why, as a corollary to its environmental efforts, in 2023 EcoAZA became a 100% Carbon Neutral company.