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EAT MORE KELP® is on a mission to drive solutions to the climate crisis by lowering carbon levels. Among the simplest and most scientifically-sound solutions available for capturing carbon is: for everyone to EAT MORE KELP®!

EAT MORE KELP® promotes carbon capture through regenerative ocean farming. Kelp forests remove 20 times more CO2 than forests on land, and kelp is one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet. Kelp captures 5 times more CO2 than kale and needs no fresh water or fertilizer to grow.

“Our team at EAT MORE KELP® has been spurred into action by the devastating impacts of climate change already making landfall in North America and we are committed to changing the trajectory of culinary culture in the United States and Canada to include more carbon-capturing, ocean-grown domestic sea vegetables. It is important for us to partner with fellow forward-thinking organizations like who are also forging ahead with aggressive carbon capture methods and initiatives.”  – Sean Barrett, President of The Kelp Fund, Inc and EAT MORE KELP® Cofounder