EarthHero, LLC

City Boulder
State CO
Country USA

EarthHero is building a curated online marketplace for conscious consumers. We are sourcing the most sustainably made products available to build a one stop shop for everyone who loves the planet!

When you shop on EarthHero, your purchases are supporting companies that make high-quality goods with low-impact materials. Our brands continue to give back to their communities and work to replenish the resources they use.

Our goal is to make sustainable shopping so easy, everyone does it. We’re building a future where shopping with the planets best interests in mind is the new normal!

We work with companies that are dedicated to lowering their environmental impact by using sustainable materials, efficient and closed-loop production methods, and fair trade labor. Our goal is to make shopping with these companies simpler, so that we can shift demand towards earth-friendly products and away from the alternative.

EarthHero is committed to a zero-waste office environment, taking steps from using 100% recycled paper to refillable dry-erase markers. In addition, we’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of our sales towards approved non-profit initiatives that give back to the environment.

We offset our own carbon footprint, as well as the carbon emitted through transporting products, through

“As an online marketplace dedicated to making sustainable shopping simple, it’s important that we address one of the biggest environmental challenges of online shopping head-on: transportation. By partnering with, we’ve been able to offer our customers carbon-neutral shipping at no extra cost to them! We love because they make it easy to see how our contribution is working to offset our footprint.” Ryan Lewis, Founder