Dolphin Blue

City Dallas
State Texas
Country United States

Dolphin Blue is an online retailer of environmentally sustainable “green” products for your home and office.  Founded in 1994 on the belief that we can all consume responsibly, Dolphin Blue provides the highest post-consumer recycled content products available, so that environmentally conscious companies and individuals can purchase products aligning with their values.

From soy based inks, to papers that are FSC-certified, processed chlorine free, and made carbon neutral with certified renewable energy, all products sold on are made in the USA and contain a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer recycled material, with most being 100 percent post-consumer recycled. Dolphin Blue’s product line for green offices fulfills the promise of recycling.

The easiest and most trusted way to shop for products that are certified green and have caused no harm to people, planet or animals!

The first and only online ALL-green general store.

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Environmental Commitment

Dolphin Blue assists in creating a sustainable planet for future generations by providing environmentally responsible, green office products and printing for everyday business or personal use. As we support environmental and sustainability initiatives, Dolphin Blue works to educate consumers and businesses in environmentally responsible practices, assisting in creating a sustainable planet for future generations, with equal regard to all. By selling products that are made or re-manufactured in the USA, Dolphin Blue is able to assist its customers in reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition, we offer our online customers the opportunity to participate in Dolphin Blue’s “RoundUp” program to offset a portion of the carbon emissions associated with shipping their order. All contributions are matched 1-for-1 by Dolphin Blue, and then invested in a carbon reduction project administered by Renewable Choice Energy. Dolphin Blue’s CEO has bought and protected 50 acres of heavily-wooded land in East Texas for the purpose of:

  • Carbon-sequestration
  • Offsetting of personal carbon footprint from auto use and air transportation
  • Wildlife habitat preservation
  • Prevent further clear-cutting and development
  • Provide land and habitat conservation into perpetuity

Aside from our core business, Dolphin Blue’s small office also has multiple “climate friendly” practices. We are virtually paperless, work in a “repurposed” loft structure, and use Energy Star products for our PCs, printers, and network server. We purchase 100% wind power from Green Mountain Energy, our VoIP phone service is provided by a B-Corp business, and we use only CFL lighting.

Our packaging is reused, our recyclables are recycled, and we have banned plastic bottles, disposable plates and Styrofoam cups from our kitchen office. We print on the back side of already-printed, 100% post consumer recycled paper (when hard-copy is needed). Rather than using bottled water, we use a gravity water-filtration tank.

Organic cotton towels and 80-100% post-consumer recycled paper products are used throughout our office, restroom, and kitchen; even our furniture is pre-owned or used! In addition, we hold our employee meetings in local restaurants offering sustainable menus, purchase organic foods from local grocers and CSA’s, and support an array of local businesses.


“ is an organization that shares the values on which we have built our business. As Dolphin Blue continues to grow as an organization, our ecological footprint increases, and, everything I’m able to do to offset that footprint creates value for future generations. assists us in meeting that challenge.” -Thomas Kemper, CEO and President