Counting Opinions

City Toronto
State Ontario
Country Canada

Counting Opinions provides organizations with innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective ways to capture, manage and measure performance data, including open-ended customer feedback, qualitative and quantitative data, trends, benchmarks, outcomes and peer comparisons.

Counting Opinions web-based solutions:

  • Are delivered in real-time and provide organizations with valid, immediate, 24x7x365 results.
  • Include powerful “click-only” reports that clearly identify actionable opportunities for improvement.
  • Are fully hosted in a secure professionally managed facility, require minimal or no IT involvement and work across all browsers and platforms.

Environmental Commitment

Counting Opinions is a true “virtual” company. As such, all staff members work from their respective homes;

  • This eliminates the carbon producing and time consuming daily trips to and from the office.
  • Our communications are almost totally electronic, minimizing the need for printed documents and
  • We conduct our sales and support call by either telephone or electronically, thereby minimizing our “travel footprint.”

“We live in an ever-increasingly complex global macrocosm. Evidence clearly indicates that humanity is negatively impacting global climate. As such, each and every one of us has a responsibility to minimize our negative impacts and find ways to more effectively co-exist with nature. The consequences of not doing so are catastrophic. in our view exemplifies these most urgent efforts.” – Frank Biss, VP Sales & Operations