CORE Foods


At CORE, we apply enduring wisdom to make high-quality, clean food that benefits the whole planet. Our flagship product, The CORE Meal, is a healthy food solution for busy people. These fresh food packs are fresh, raw, sweetener free, and don’t have any filler or preserving ingredients. CORE Foods products are available in refrigerated grab-and-go cases across the country and at

Environmental Commitment

Inspired by the community value systems of people all over the world, CORE is leading a movement of businesses that treat others they way we want to be treated:

• Not-for-Profit, 0% Financial Return

• Employees earn a living wage

• Executive salaries are capped

• Reduce and offset all carbon

CORE is committed to using the highest quality, 100% organic ingredients from farmers and suppliers that are local and are following industry best practice.

“We are just as much about the way we’re doing things as what we are doing.” – Corey Rennell, Founder

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