Concentric Advisors

City Kirkland
State WA
Country USA

Concentric Advisors is a risk consultancy that specializes in delivering strategic security and intelligence services. With national security origins woven into our Silicon Valley DNA, we combine rare experience and innovative thinking to stay ahead of emerging threats. Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent individuals and corporations, our holistic methodology is grounded in analytics and a seamless approach to securing the physical and digital spaces.

As professional risk analysts, Concentric believes that climate change is the greatest security threat we face, both today and in the decades to come. And as risk managers, we are taking proactive action that we hope will help to reduce this global threat. We are doing this in 3 ways:

  • Green Business. Concentric is a Gold Member of the Green Business Bureau having implemented numerous initiatives to make our business operations less impactful on the environment. These include composting, recycling and energy efficiency. We are aiming to achieve the Platinum Member level before the end of 2020 after completing new initiatives. In addition, Concentric continues to look for ways we can engage in local community conservation and grow as a green security company.
  • Carbon Neutral. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Concentric completed an extensive audit of the ways in which the company emits CO2, then teamed up with to offset our corporate commuting, travel and office energy consumption. We are excited to be the first security company in the United States to become carbon neutral and looking ahead, we hope to expand our environmental commitment to our clients by offering a range of carbon neutral security services.
  • Environmental Security. Since 2017, Concentric has been working with forest rangers in Central America to amplify their conservation efforts with technology, training and strategic advice. Having proved that our innovative approach can make a real difference, we are seeking new funding to expand and scale our environmental security work. We are strongly committed to growing our portfolio of environmental security projects and hope in due course to generate carbon credits from these projects.

“As a company, we are excited to be leading the way in the security industry by bringing awareness to the importance of sustainability as a security risk mitigator. By greening our business, offsetting our carbon impact and leading environmental security projects, we hope that our actions speak as loudly as our words.” – Concentric Advisors Green Security Team