Common Good Coffee

City San Diego
State CA
Country USA

Common Good Coffee is a philanthropically focused craft coffee roastery founded in 2015 in San Diego, Ca. We believe that coffee should be good for everyone, from the farms it is grown in, to the community where it is served. We source quality, distinct, and exceptionally flavorful coffee that is traceable, graded at or above specialty coffee standards, and is both environmentally and socially sustainable. We roast in small batches and dedicate the time and attention required to bring out the rich and vibrant flavors that are inherent to each coffee’s origin. CGC services wholesale, retail, and consumer-direct sales and subscriptions.

Common Good Coffee is committed to producing a product that is good for people and the planet. We source our coffee from producers who are committed to ecologically sustainable practices. This means they are not participating and are counter-acting deforestation, they do not use synthetic pesticides and insecticides, and they are committed to responsible water use and waste management. This year we began replacing all single-use plastics with recyclable & post-consumer materials and in partnership with we have begun completely offsetting our carbon footprint.

“The longer I have been in this business the more I have learned how hard the coffee industry has been on our planet. The worldwide shipping required, enormous packaging waste, and both deforestation and pollution that often occurs at the farm level, there is a lot consider. In order to live up to our name we have made a fervent effort to becoming a planet-positive company. We source coffee from producers dedicated to sustainable farming practices, are transitioning to environmentally friendly packaging, and with the help of we are now more than offsetting our carbon footprint” – Ryan Beagley-Reiner, Co-Owner