Cokare Barcelona SL

City Barcelona
Country Spain

Cokare is a mission led wellness brand & platform rooted in Chinese medicine. Our mission is to demystify & modernize Chinese medicine and make it available to the West, providing an alternative to the current prescription culture.

We use sustainable materials whenever possible, that are ethically sourced and proven to be safe for the environment. Our purchasing office in China conducts supplier audits, screening our vendors for sustainable practices to ensure that what is good for you in also good for the planet and communities. We do not use the types of plastic that are most likely to leach toxic chemicals and use glass whenever possible.  For our secondary packaging we use FSC-certified paper.

“We are passionate and conscious about reducing the impact that we make on our Earth and strive to make a positive change.  We are committed to creating and producing sustainable herbal wellness products from the ingredients and formulation to the packaging.  We are proud to partner with and are committed to protecting the environment, human health, and minimizing global climate change.” – Sabrina Azzi, CEO