Cognitive Surplus

City Portland
State OR
Country USA

Cognitive Surplus makes lifestyle products, stationery, and novelties that celebrate the intersection of science and design. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for your lab partner, something special for your genius girlfriend, or some inspired science wine glasses, we’ve got your smarty-pants covered.

We are wholly committed to’s mission of “reduce what you can, offset what you can’t“. We know that even our small company leaves a footprint for which we are responsible. We started with small things like swapping out all the light bulbs in our studio and warehouse for LEDs, and making it easy for all three of our full-time Medford warehouse staff to carpool together. We then moved on to slightly larger things like using 100% green power at our Portland location, but upon realizing that there isn’t a green power option available at our warehouse location, we turned to  Using the online calculators, we have estimated and offset 100% of the yearly impact of our energy use, paper use, shipping goods to our warehouse, shipping orders to our customers, company travel, and employee commuting.

Since our company’s inception we have worked very hard to make environmentally conscious choices in developing our products. We pick recycled, reused, and compostable shipping materials. If plastic is necessary, we seek compostable options. In our print studio we use eco-friendly inks and supplies. Our products are packaged in compostable boxes. We source recycled and organic fabrics for our apparel and accessories, and recycled and FSC-certified papers for our stationery and notebooks.

“We know that even our small company leaves a footprint for which we are responsible. The ice caps aren’t kind of melting, and we are committed to making every choice at our disposal to care for the world in which we live. helps us offset what we aren’t able to completely minimize.” – Kristen Zephyrus, CEO & Co-Founder