Coasin Costa Rica, S.A.

City San José
Country Costa Rica

Coasin is a Costa Rican Company that operates in the Electronic & Telecom Industry, mostly on the infrastructure area.  Providing solutions too, on optic fiber, Cable TV, TI Management, networks, telecom systems, and similar areas.

Whereas the company exists since the 20th century, it is not until 3 years ago that the company decided to create their own headquarters, designing and constructing a los carbon building, ready to implement a series of planet friendly practices; peaking those practices with obtaining (in 2021) their 100% Carbon Neutral Company® status.

“Coasin is a leader in their industry; of course for us has been an honor to work alongside them in order to certificate their company as Carbon Neutral.  It is normal to find commitment from the collaborators of a company in the carbon neutrality process; what is not common is to find a very high level of commitment from the top executives of the company.  Just as we found it on Coasin.” – Javier Segura M., B.A., 100% Carbon Neutral Program®, Director.