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The ClimateStore is a direct-to-consumer business with a mission to provide high quality products to consumers interested in mitigating human caused climate change through personal action. Founded in 2013, the company’s mission is to make fun, easy, and rewarding to find, purchase and use products that reduce your carbon footprint. The company is novel as a retailer focused entirely on sustainable living in the era of anthropogenic climate change.

The company’s online brand,, contains summaries of the latest climate science, issues an urgent call for action, provides step-by-step instructions to lower personal carbon emissions, and carries products to help people achieve a lower carbon footprint. The website offers quality products that will make an impact and promote lower carbon living, including: energy efficient lighting, water saving devices, smart home technology, home décor, laundry items, travel gear and accessories. For every product, the ClimateStore staff identifies exactly how it saves carbon – including the production, use, and disposal phases of its lifecycle – and communicate their findings with a simple icon system and detailed product descriptions.

Environmental Commitment

At the ClimateStore, we think the evidence for human caused climate change is overwhelming. We trust the scientific experts who have painstakingly assessed the evidence and shown an indisputable link between our use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, and the risk of irreversible global warming. We also believe individuals can make a difference in the future of the planet.

Consistent with our mission, we run our operations in a carbon neutral manner. Carbon offsets are an important part of our sustainability strategy, which also includes sourcing policies, energy efficiency programs, web servers powered by renewable energy, mass transit benefits for employees, and carbon neutral operations achieved though purchasing carbon offsets. We also engage in partnerships with like-minded organizations, like and 1% for the Planet, to support climate change awareness programs and forest conservation initiatives.

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“With the recent release of the latest UN IPCC report and U.S. National Climate Assessment, there can be no doubt this is a critical issue current for future generations. More people are asking what they can do to reduce their carbon impact” says Steven E. Bushnell, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of ClimateStore Inc. “There is a false perception that moving to a lower carbon economy will require giving things up or need extra effort. We take the opposite view; lowering one’s carbon footprint should be fun, easy and rewarding as we collectively secure the stable climate we all hope to live in.”

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