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Clear Estimates, Inc


Clear Estimates, Inc is a developer of construction estimating software, providing tools for contractors to run more efficient, profitable businesses. Accurately determining a project’s cost is essential not only for ensuring an appropriate profit margin, but also for securing bids.

Clear Estimates allows contractors to confidently anticipate the labor/materials that will be required for all aspects of a construction project and automatically drafts professional proposals that are sure to impress clients, an important aspect converting sales!

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Environmental Commitment

Clear Estimates is a virtual business, meaning that it is run entirely “in the cloud”. A website serves as the storefront and the products are only distributed digitally. For the past three years Clear Estimates has been paperless, meaning its environmental footprint is limited to the electrical energy required for running the computers and servers used for developing the product and supporting customers. To address this impact, Clear Estimates invests in offsets through

“We chose because of its solid reputation. As the leading nonprofit carbon offsetting organization it is clear they are a reliable resource for any business or individual hoping to protect our most important asset, the environment.”

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