Clean Air Cab, LLC -

Clean Air Cab, LLC


Clean Air Cab is Arizona’s first 100% carbon neutral taxicab fleet. Many consumers think it is more expensive to use green products and services. Our mission is to change that. We provide eco-friendly transportation at a lower cost than most traditional taxicabs. Clean Air Cab is helping Phoenix Go Green For Less!

Environmental Commitment

Clean Air Cab only uses vehicles with Super Ultra Low Emissions. We are purchasing carbon credits from to make our cabs carbon neutral. In addition to that, Clean Air Cab is committed to planting ten trees each month for every cab we have on the road. We are also members of the Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce and we apply their environmental practices to our work place.

“We chose because unlike most companies selling offsets, is a non-profit. Clean Air Cab believes in giving back and we are happy to support a non-profit organization.”

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