Civitas Strategies

City Lynnfield
State MA
Country USA

Founded in 2009, Civitas Strategies, is a management consultancy focused on increasing the impact of mission-driven organizations, both for-profits and nonprofits.

We strive to continually provide our clients with the highest value service, while also controlling costs to ensure accessibility for all. Our success is reflected in the fact that 98% of our project revenue over the past ten years has come from referrals or return business from satisfied clients.

Our firm offers our clients actionable and affordable services that include:

Civitas Strategies extends our client commitment to the wellbeing of the nation. We give away 15% of our net revenue each year to mission-driven organizations in the form of cash gifts or in-kind pro bono consulting. We are also working to reduce our environmental impact by being carbon neutral, through the purchase of offsets from the Foundation.

“Our mission to improve the well-being of marginalized children and families includes doing our part to protect our planet and ensure a clean sustainable tomorrow. We want to lead by example, and committing to carbon neutral operations and sustainability practices is core to our vision.” – Gary Romano, President and CEO of Civitas Strategies