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CHANGE is the technology platform for negative emissions. 100% of carbon offset contributions processed through CHANGE’s platform go directly to – no hidden fees. Our platform makes it easy for brands to incorporate sustainable business measures through our easy-to-use Climate APIs and Shopify App.

You can use our Climate APIs to calculate the carbon emissions of business practices ranging from crypto transactions to retail shipments. With our Climate API you can also directly donate to’s leading carbon offset projects, unlock real-time insights, and share impact metrics with your customers. Whether you want to know how many trees you have planted to how many commutes you have neutralized, we have you covered. Check out our platform and start integrating our Climate APIs today!

API Developer Documentation:

If you are on Shopify, download our free Shopify app! With just a few clicks, your Shopify store can automatically make every shipment carbon neutral. We calculate each carbon offset in real-time, and route 100% of the donations to

Shopify App: 

CHANGE streamlines charitable giving on the Internet through carbon offsets and secure donations. The platform enables brands to give at the speed of culture by streamlining regulatory agreements, donation payouts, and dynamic social media content. With ease, brands drive a measurable impact through the platform’s powerful CSR insights and community engagement tools.

CHANGE has committed to fighting global climate change by offering businesses a secure and transparent platform to easily support the environment. By streamlining the end-to-end process, our goal is to increase the total pool of corporate dollars combating climate change.

“By partnering with, we are able to offer a secure and transparent way for our partners to offset their carbon consumption. We’re incredibly excited to be working with such an impactful organization and team” – Amar Shah, President