Central Coast Outdoors

City Los Osos
State CA
Country United States

We are a small adventure travel company based in San Luis Obispo County, California. We work with group travel planners and travel tour operators, as well as individuals to provide outstanding outdoors tours on California’s Central Coast region, including Paso Robles wine country vacations. Our three main activities are kayaking, bicycling and hiking. While we specialize in small group travel, we have also hosted events with over 50 people. For more information, please visit us at http://www.centralcoastoutdoors.com

Environmental Commitment

1. Purchased a 2008 Toyota Prius for running smaller trips that need vehicle support and transportation. Toyota Prius gets 40-50 mpg and the van we were using for all our trips gets about 12 mpg. We estimate this will reduce our annual fuel consumption and carbon emissions by over 50%.

2. Purchased an Energy Star refrigerator for storing food in our warehouse. This new refrigerator uses about 75% less electricity than the old refrigerator.

3. Installed solar electric panels on our home/office. Combined with the more energy efficient refrigerator, we estimate this will offset about 70-75% of our electrical use.


“Our company goal was to lower our emissions and impacts as much as we could and do carbon offsets and other mitigation measures to address the impacts that remained. We feel Carbonfund.org works hard to offset or repair environmental damage or organizations that advocate for a sustainable future.”