CEND 1, Inc.

City Aurora
State CO
Country United States

CEND is more than just moving – it’s a movement.  We are committed to improving the moving experience for our guests while lessening the impact of our industry on the environment.  CEND partners with individuals and businesses servicing their moving and mobility needs around the world.  We provide a tech forward solution that provides day certain pickups and deliveries while giving transparency and security to our guests prized possessions.

Environmental Commitment:

The interstate moving industry contributes 6.6 billion of CO2 to the environment annually.  Our goal is to minimize our footprint by:

  • Providing a direct market to market solution that cuts CO2 emissions versus the historical van line by 40%.
  • The traditional moving industry uses the equivalent of all the trees in central park twice each year, building shipping crates that can’t be recycled. We manufacture a moving container that is meant to last in the market for a decade and can be totally recycled.
  • We provide our guests the ability to donate a portion of their goods that they don’t want to move or store. Rather than ending up in a landfill they are recycled through resale shops that give back to the community while assisting the environment.

“The universe is 92 billion light years in size and it appears that our planet is the only place that will sustain life. We just want to do our part in being a caretaker of this planet and walk in a manner worthy of our calling.”  – Jim Petzel, CEO