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Celia Mueller, CFP®


As a  Certified Financial Planning TM professional Celia Mueller has been specializing in sustainable, responsible, impact investing for over 20 years. Our firm provides asset management and financial planning for individuals, families, small businesses and foundations with $250,000 or more to invest in managed, principled, proactive socially responsible investment portfolios. We also provide Financial Planning services for our clients and develop long term relationships, serving clients in the accumulation and distribution phase of their portfolios.

As part of the Progressive Asset Management Group and the First Affirmative Financial Network, our office has a broad array of investment tools to help clients combine financial stewardship and earth stewardship. In 2013 we added Fossil Fuel Free portfolios to the lineup available for our clients.

As a small business we offset our carbon footprint for our office and business travel. Our office converted to electronic storage instead of paper files over 15 years ago.  We continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon foot print through reduced usage of paper and other products, use of products with recycled content wherever practical, LED lights and similar initiatives, and recycling at our business center.

We are a member of USSIF (US Social Investment Forum), Green America’s Green Business Network, CarbonFund.org and recently became a business member of the Friends of the Columbia Gorge and will be volunteering to help them with restoration work in the Columbia Gorge this next year.

“Each of us bears responsibility for the stewardship of our planet.  Reducing our carbon footprint matters, similarly, offsetting what we can’t reduce is important. Being involved with nonprofits, social groups and political causes that create a sustainable framework for us all empower us.  We have been contributing to the Carbonfund.org for years, believing that their work is one way to make a real difference. – Celia Mueller, CFP®, Financial Advisor and certified financial planner TM professional

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