Carma Systems, Inc.

City Albany
State NY
Country United States

Carma Systems, Inc.

Carma Systems was founded by a team of creative tech enthusiasts. We are an expanding company dedicated to bringing high-quality, cutting-edge wireless solutions to industry leaders. Our focus is building long-term solutions to conserve our clients’ time, money and resources.

Environmental Commitment

We have instated a proactive environmental policy called CarmaEarth that lays a foundation for responsible product development and reducing the impact of business operations. Our products are designed to use as little material as possible, thereby reducing their footprint on the environment. Along with the reduced volume of material needed, we also use low impact materials such as upcycled plastic, which has up to 65% post-consumer content and reduces the cradle-to-grave impact by up to 50% when compared to conventional plastics. While we can reduce, we cannot completely eliminate our carbon emissions.

To take care of the rest, we use a carbon offsetting program offered by, a certified non-profit carbon reduction organization. They use our carbon offset contributions to take carbon out of the atmosphere through various projects such as reforestation, or landfill off-gas recovery.

“Everyone needs to step up and start making environmentally conscious decisions; we all need to take care of our planet. I’ve always been impressed by the efforts of our company. CarmaEarth has even been running a successful composting program on site. We seek out and purchase the most responsible products available to us. By using responsible materials, we support other industries that are also making tremendous efforts. We have faith that our support of the Carbonfund organization can really help make a difference.” – Miranda Sehl, Creative Director