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Carbon Cutters LLC


Carbon Cutters is a multifaceted lawn care service provider offering environmentally responsible and organic lawn care services. Our pledge to sustainability can be seen in all aspects of our business practices.

Environmental Commitment

At Carbon Cutters, we take the environment into consideration with every aspect of our business, from the tools we use to the shirts we wear. We use all electric equipment that will be charged by solar power. We will use only environmentally friendly and organic techniques for lawn fertilization. We specifically choose business partners who also use sustainable practices.

All of our marketing is done on recycled paper with soy-based inks. A paperless billing system is used. We have partnered with to help us offset whatever carbon we generate from our daily business. Even our uniforms are made from recycled materials!

“Carbon Cutters was created after recognizing how much of a negative impact the conventional lawn care industry has on the environment, and seeing a need for change. From the start, we have been dedicated to offering a safe, environmentally responsible, and less toxic approach to lawn care. We are committed to providing a carbon neutral alternative. At Carbon Cutters, we cut the carbon and the chemicals, but never the quality!” – Steve Popp, Owner/Manager

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