Breathe and Flow

Breathe and Flow is a wellness organization run by two RYT500 yoga instructors who publish weekly YouTube videos and teach workshops, lectures, and retreats. They believe that yoga is a beautiful healing system for health and happiness, so they’ve devoted their lives to teaching it to others.

As we encourage yogis to travel and explore the world around them, we also understand our responsibility to sustain and protect the beautiful places we all have the privilege of visiting. Even with our plant-based diet, not owning a home nor car, reducing our belongings to one backpack each, and living a very minimalist lifestyle, we understand that still doesn’t offset one of the most carbon-intensive activities known to mankind: flying in a plane. With our Carbon Offset Initiative, we take responsibility to sustain and protect the beautiful places we get to visit and enjoy.

“We understand the devastating effects that humans have on the environment which is one of the reasons why we became minimalists, stopped contributing to animal agriculture, and we do our best to reduce our waste. We were heartbroken to find out how damaging flying is to the environment, so we’re honored to team up with Carbonfund to give back and find ways to improve our earth and our future.” – Bre Niedhammer, Owner, Breathe and Flow