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Our passion is custom made electric guitars. Our mission is to build the highest quality instruments available while being stewards of the environment and our community. At Born, we believe that music has the ability to create positive change in the world, so we set out to ensure that our guitars do the same.

We don’t just build guitars; we provide musicians with a tool to express themselves while providing an entire industry with an example for how to manufacture guitars in a more sustainable manner.  By using only salvaged, reclaimed or sustainably sourced tonewoods for our guitars, as well as sustainable and efficient manufacturing techniques, we hope to set the trend for a more responsible method of guitar building.

Environmental Commitment

Building guitars not only requires the consumption of one of our most precious resources – wood – but traditional building and finishing methods also require the use of some pretty nasty stuff.  At Born Guitars, we go to great lengths to ensure that our materials and processes have a minimal impact on the environment compared to those of most manufacturers.

Our guitars are built only with woods that are either salvaged, reclaimed, and/or sustainably sourced; our guitars are finished with natural oils or water-based lacquers; our proprietary manufacturing methods allow us to significantly increase the yield on our raw materials, thereby minimizing the amount of wasted wood during manufacturing.

In addition to our sustainable material sourcing and manufacturing methods, we do our best to minimize our environmental impact even further by purchasing carbon offsets and by planting a tree for every guitar that we sell in addition to the 100 trees that we plant every year regardless of sales.

“Guitar manufacturing has been a large contributor to the gradual disappearance and endangerment of many of the world’s most precious hardwoods and the forest ecosystems they come from.  This is not only detrimental to the environment, but it is also detrimental to the guitar manufacturing industry due to the fact that the “quintessential” guitar tone woods are becoming increasingly rare.”

“By encouraging the use of alternative and sustainably sourced tone woods, our goal is to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy well-preserved forest ecosystems as well as high quality guitars.”

“While our sustainable sourcing and manufacturing initiatives alone can’t completely neutralize our company’s impact on the environment, our purchasing of carbon offsets and partnership with gets us as close as possible.  We chose to partner with because they are a third party audited, non-profit organization that maintains transparency in all facets of their operation.” – Jonathan Miller, Owner and Founder

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