Books by Karisha Kal’ee’ay

City Bloomington
State IN
Country United States
Karisha Kal’ee’ay is an author with a social and environmental conscience. While her books are about human beings and the impact they have on one another, environmental degradation and social injustice form the texture of her stories.
To help minimize waste, Karisha’s publisher utilizes a green printing approach, ensuring that energy and materials are only used when a bookseller orders her books. Wood, paper, print, and packaging products used by her publisher are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®).
Printed copies of her books can be ordered through most retail bookstores. For readers that prefer the Kindle e-book format, her novels “Waiting to Know You” and “A Brief Madness” can be purchased through Amazon’s website.

Environmental Commitment

Karisha Kal`ee`ay has been working to reduce her environmental impact for years, so as a professional writer, it makes sense to minimize and offset the carbon footprint of her work. A solar thermal system heats the office where she writes (with a conventional furnace for backup on cloudy days). The sun also powers a solar water heater year around, which offsets 10-15kWH per day that would otherwise be needed to run the conventional electric water heater.

Her lights, computer, and other electrical appliances are powered by a 5kW solar electric (photovoltaic) array which feeds excess power back onto the grid, making the neighborhood’s electricity supply a little bit greener! Karisha is also very careful to buy energy efficient office equipment, and she only uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Any waste paper is reused as scrap paper before eventually being recycled.

“I chose to use to offset my work as a writer for the same reasons I’ve used it in the past to offset my personal energy usage: the third-party certification, financial transparency, nonprofit status, project affordability, and project options.” -Karisha Kal’ee’ay