Boardroom Workplaces

City Denver
State CO
Country United States

The Boardroom Workplaces is an alternative workspace provider in Denver, Colorado that provides ready-to-use office space, virtual office services, conference room rentals, advanced telecommunications and administrative support services.

Environmental Commitment

  • Carbon offsetting
  • Energy conservation efforts throughout our office suite
  • Office wide recycling efforts to minimize landfill deposits
  • Encouraging commuting reduction by offering virtual office & remote access capabilities

“A typical office space is used less than 50% of the time.  That means that there is a huge amount of waste associated with a typical office – heating, cooling, electrical, janitorial – all of that just gets wasted in a standard office.  Added to that, a centralized office in a central business district, or elsewhere, forces many workers to engage in a lengthy and highly-polluting commute.

In an executive suite or virtual office environment all of that changes.  With an executive suite or virtual office, workers are able to choose to work from locations closer to home or even from their home office on a day-to-day basis, but still maintain a professional image that allows them to sustain their business operations.  This eliminates the carbon emissions associated with those lengthy and unnecessary commutes.

The structure of most executive suites and virtual office centers also help reduce emissions by making use of space (and resources) more effectively.  Instead of having an office suite that is used by 1 person 50% of the time, executive suites and virtual offices provide shared amenities and encourage maximum utilization of space and resources – thereby reducing the per-worker carbon emissions that the suite emits.

The Boardroom Workplaces furthers these carbon emission reduction efforts by engaging in energy conservation efforts through our suite (reducing what we can) and aligning ourselves with to offset our estimated yearly carbon emissions (offsetting what we can’t).” – Nathan Jansch, President & Owner