Better Battery Co.

City Barrie
State Ontario
Country Canada

These days, we’re all just trying to do good where we can. For Better Battery Co. (BBCo.) that means providing a product with superior value while reducing our collective carbon footprint.

A win for businesses, customers, and the environment. Our goal is to help you offset negatives with positives to nurture a better future for all – a movement we’re proud to spearhead within the world of batteries.

We couldn’t find a battery on the market whose batteries outweighed the negatives, so we went ahead and made our own. We built it to perform, to be fairly priced, and to be the first ever battery that’s certified carbon neutral.

Our batteries are delivered conveniently right to your business, free of charge, in packaging designed for easy storage, organization and recycling – which means they’ll never end up where they don’t belong.

It doesn’t get much better than that! By creating a better battery with an easy, seamless recycling program, we tipped the scales, and made…

The World’s Most Positive Battery

BBCo. has created a closed-loop offering to provide consumers and businesses with a sustainable option for standard household alkaline batteries. In addition to offsetting the carbon emissions associated with the production and distribution of our batteries, BBCo. has partnered with national recycling agencies to ensure that BBCo. batteries are recycled effectively. BBCo. has given thoughtful consideration to each stage of the product life cycle to maximize benefit while reducing unnecessary waste.

“In addition to our novel recycling program, BBCo. has partnered with to offset the CO2 emissions released by the production, distribution, and disposal of our batteries.  In other words, everything we’re doing is to make the planet, and your everyday,  just a little bit better.” – Greg Bell, Founder & CEO