Baby Beet and Co. Organics

City Cottonwood Heights
State UT
Country USA

Baby Beet and Co. Organics is a no-compromise, family nutrition company focused on nutrient-dense, simple food introduction, and whole family/whole health nutrition with sustainability, portability, inclusivity, and commUnity at its core. We are women-owned, cause-driven, and are building a commUnity of loving caregivers to help share resources, experiences, and support around caring for and loving children. We believe in families- all of them- and are here to support their little ones.

We use energy-efficient machines and production, extremely low water useage, organic produce- group shipped for transportation efficiency, small, energy-efficient kitchen for low energy use, shelf stable product with long shelf life for low inventory turnover, curbside recyclable packaging with eco-rock packaging, shipped in recyclable/recycled/reusable packaging, very low transportation cost and emissions because of product weight and packaging

“We love raising strong children, we love protecting our planet. We can do both, together.” – Vanessa Block, co-founder