Andaman SEO

City Chiang Mai
Country Thailand

Andaman SEO is a marketing company which helps tourism-related business to get customers. More bookings, better occupancy rates, that’s our mission.

We are for the most part a paperless organisation, though we do have difficulty with some of the archaic demands of our end of year accounting. We are trying to get our accountant and the revenue service on our side with this in the future.

Our air conditioning is set to 24 degrees celsius all of the time, even when it’s really hot (which is most of the time in Thailand). It’s also set to eco mode, and we made sure to buy energy efficient aircon in the first place.

In 2017 we hope to start offsetting our plane trips on a kilometre-by-kilometre basis.

We wanted to end the year not just with good business results, but also by balancing out the release of greenhouse gases which are related to our activities while we reach our performance goals. offered an easy off-the shelf way to do this, and researching them proved to show they were legitimate.