ALC Watercolor LLC

City Davenport
State WA
Country USA

ALC Watercolor, LLC is a small business whose custom watercolor works are dedicated to sustainably preserving special moments and making your memories tangible. Our brand, the Heart Juice specializes in watercolor couples’ portraits and custom invitation sets for weddings and other important life events.

As a small business run by an independent artist, ALC Watercolor LLC had a humble carbon footprint to begin with, but we still wanted to offset the existing waste through Additionally, we are in the process of moving to use recycled and compostable materials in some of our products, and since our largest waste category is shipping and packaging, we are working to make the shift to 100% recycled packaging.

“As not only an artist, but a rock climber, gardener, and occasional mountaineer, I felt strongly that offsetting, composting and supporting reforestation was an obvious path towards leaving no trace for future generations and the ecology of our home.” – Anna Canfield, Artist and Founder of ALC Watercolor LLC