Alaska Helicopter Tours

City Anchorage
State AK
Country USA

Alaska Helicopter Tours is a premier helicopter tour operator in South-central Alaska offering glacier adventures and backcountry experiences for guests of all abilities and ages. Safety is at the core of everything we do and we have operated 15 years without accidents.

We use efficient aircraft and operating methods to minimize our carbon footprint. Our partnership with Carbonfund allows us to offset our basic carbon footprint.

We are a part of the Alaska Green Initiative, a program to limit the environmental impact of tourism in Alaska.

We educate our guests about the importance of glaciers to our local environment and to global weather.

“Being is an industry that relies heavily on fossil fuel we realized we realized we were contributing to melting the glaciers that we so much want to protect. Education efforts are not enough, so after weighing the options we decided Carbonfund would be the best partnership as they actively engage in alternative fuel source development and by planting trees to offset the immediate carbon footprint. They really offer the most comprehensive option currently available to a small company like ours.” –  Jennifer Hanks, Director of Tour Operations