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5 to 5 was created with a mission to be a science-based and environmentally conscious skincare brand that puts our customer’s unique skin needs first.

What we are doing to help the environment:

The right type of packaging. We gave our packaging a lot of thought. We consider various materials and types of packaging and settle on the one that fulfills our criteria for its ability to protect its content and have the least environmental footprint. On occasions where we have to use plastics for our packaging, we are committed to using the right type of plastics that are recyclable.

Offsetting our plastic footprint. There is still some area of improvement to be made on our packaging. For example, the pump used in some of our products is often not recyclable because of the mixed material used. We are working hard to find an alternative solution. Meanwhile, we are committed to offsetting our plastic footprint via our partnership with Plastic Bank. For every product we sell, we are committed to offsetting it with at least an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic.

Offsetting our carbon footprint with carbonfund.org. We aim to operate minimally to reduce our carbon footprint. But where we can’t reduce further, we are committed to fully offset our carbon emission through partnerships with credible organizations that are third-party verified like Carbonfund.org.

We are a member of 1% of the Planet. We are paying our earth citizen tax by contributing 1% of our annual sales to environmental non-profit organizations.


Future plans:

We aim to complete a full product life cycle analysis and be carbon neutral throughout our scope 1-3 by the end of 2022 (and verified by a third party).

Continue to improve our packaging to reduce our environmental footprint further. We aim to incorporate the maximum amount of PCR material where possible.

“I want 5 To 5 to be part of solutions, not problems, for the environment. We are running a number of sustainability initiatives, and the key among them is to reduce and offset our carbon emissions to help combat climate change. We believe Carbonfund.org is the right partner for us to achieve this objective and learn more about how else we can positively impact the environment. “- Nico Yosman, Co-founder & CEO.