1World Aero, LLC

City Ft. Meade
State MD
Country US

Operating in the Baltimore-Washington area since 2003, 1World Aero, LLC provides high quality flight instruction for all licenses and ratings, as well as provides fleet aircraft co-ownership opportunities to its clients, with a commitment to fostering inclusion in aviation.

Aviation generally serves to bridge distances and bring people together positively.  For those with a passion for aviation it also helps better appreciate the expanses and respect the wonders of nature.  1World Aero seeks to be true to its name and do right by its skies, by participating in offset programs until cleaner technologies can be made available to power our light aircraft.  We strongly encourage other aviation businesses to do the same.

“I appreciated Carbonfund’s responsiveness to my inquiries during my search for a transparent and responsible offset program.  I feel confident that an established not-for-profit foundation like Carbon Fund can effectively offset for our company here and abroad.” – Terence Russell, President