Paper Culture contiunes commitment to sustainability as a longtime Carbonfree Small Business Partner

March 31, 2022

Paper Culture is an eCommerce sustainable brand offering modern eco products such as wedding invitations, holiday cards, stationery, and personalized gifts.  They believe that you don’t have to give up elevated design in order to be kind to the planet. Paper Culture has built their entire business around offering personalized products that are eco-friendly for your most precious events as well as every day moments.

All of their cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and are 100% exclusive. They also use sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled fabrics for their photo gift products.  Paper Culture strives for simplicity, minimalism, and exquisite proportions in everything they design. They also help simplify your life by offering services such as free designer assistance and mailing services to ensure a stress-free shopping experience.

A strong environmental focus is one of the three foundations that Paper Culture has built its business upon. They think that protecting Mother Earth is not only good for the world, but it’s good business and believe this so much that we went beyond the competitive “eco-friendly product lines” and created an eco-friendly company.

Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program.

Paper Culture’s commitment to sustainability led them to partner with Carbonfund and  join the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program. Since partnering with Carbonfund in 2009, Paper Culture has neutralized over 1,167 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, neutralizing their business operations.

“In choosing Carbonfund, Paper Culture wanted a partner that had a strong, auditable record of driving additional greenhouse gas reducing projects. When we looked at their marquee list of partners that includes names like Staples, Discovery Channel and Virgin, when combined with the audit trail provided by Environmental Resources Trust to verify the various Carbonfund projects, our decision was made,” said Christopher Wu, Paper Culture CEO and Co-founder.

Paper Culture doesn’t just market sustainability, they live it. Everyone their products is environmentally responsible. They minimize the resources they use and the impact they have by using recycled paper for envelopes, recycled paper for packaging and even environmentally friendly products in the corporate offices from the paper in our printers, to the CFLs we use to light our office, to the non-toxic cleaning products in their kitchen