Pack Up + Go Joins’s Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program

December 03, 2019
Pack up and go logo

If you love to travel but hate all the planning, Pack Up + Go will take care of all of that for you. Pack Up + Go has revolutionized travel by planning curated 3-day getaways around the United States. The only catch? You won’t find out where you’re going until the day you depart!

When you sign up on their website you will let them know your mode of transportation (road trip or plane/train trip), number of travelers, budget per person, and complete the pre-trip survey. Then sit back and relax while their Travel Team decides your destination, books your accommodations + travel tickets, and prepares personalized recommendations for you. One week before your departure, you’ll receive a weather forecast, packing tips, and a physical envelope that includes your surprise destination. On the day of your vacation, just open the envelope and you’ll be on your way to a new adventure!

Recognizing that air travel is one of the highest contributors to CO2 emissions — a cross-country flight in the United States emits more than 1 tonne of carbon dioxide – the Pack Up + Go team sought out a way to neutralize some of their travel itinerary emissions. Joining the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program and neutralizing a set quantity of 72 metric tonnes of carbon emissions each year was a simple and affordable solution. The Pack Up + Go annual donation to supports third-party validated and verified carbon offset projects, reducing carbon dioxide emissions around the world.

As a team who loves to travel and explore the world, the Pack Up + Go team respects the environment and wants to do everything it can to help neutralize travel-related carbon footprint so that future generations can enjoy the same travel experiences.

“At Pack Up + Go, we have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place for both our travelers and the environment,” explains Lillian Rafson, Founder + CEO of Pack Up + Go. “We hope that you’ll support us in this mission!”