The Ozarks Clean and Quiet Lawn Care Alternative

June 03, 2011

Spring is in full swing, and the weekly buzzing of lawn mowers fills the air – with noise and carbon emissions that remind us that our lifestyles produce regular harmful emissions. But if you live in the Springfield, MO area, you have a clean alternative. Go Green Lawn Care offers the Ozarks’ first zero carbon footprint lawn care service. And they don’t just offer the best quality in lawn care; they do it with up to 75% less noise and far less of the pollution that typically goes along with lawn care. Go Green Lawn Care accomplishes this by using solar power to charge all of their electric lawn care equipment during the day and using Envirogard propane powered commercial zero turn mowers which burn 8000% cleaner than the typical zero turns. On top of that, any emissions from their trucks or cleaner burning propane zero turn mowers are offset by purchasing verified emissions offsets from Lawn maintenance services include: • Mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing • Fall Clean Up • Soil Testing • Organic Fertilization • Mulch Installation So, to move to cleaner and quieter lawn care services, contact Go Green Lawn Care today.