NWF Expeditions – Extraordinary Ways to Connect You with Nature

September 15, 2011

Consider this: If you type “wildlife tours” into an Internet search engine, you’ll find more than 650,000 entries. To help you with this choice, National Wildlife Federation has selected the top wildlife-viewing trips. At National Wildlife Federation Expeditions, the goal is to find extraordinary ways to connect you with nature, and travel is an outstanding way to do that. Every year, they vet hundreds of tour companies and review thousands of programs and itineraries to find the best tour operators, the best destinations and the best values. Connecting people with nature is NWF’s mission, and all of their travel opportunities focus on seeing wildlife and learning about the natural world. The tour operators NWF chooses believe in traveling responsibly and sensitively, with economic benefits to local communities. NWF Expeditions are comfortable, efficient, organized, courteous and, most importantly, extremely well run. On any NWF Expedition, you go home not only with snapshots or souvenirs but also knowledge, understanding and valuable experiences. Expedition prices include accommodations, transportation, guides and educational programming, most if not all meals, and a host of extras. Just one of these extras includes carbon neutral travel through a partnership with, supporting important climate mitigation projects that protect wild places in the United States and around the world. Plus, the average group size of their Expeditions is just 15 to 20 participants to ensure minimal impact on the environment and maximum enjoyment for the traveler. With 75 years of protecting wildlife, NWF Expeditions are a great way to go! For more information please visit their site, Travel with NWF, or “Like” them on Facebook to get travel updates.