February 22, 2012

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NIKA was founded with sole purpose of using the power of water to help bring clean water to those in need.  By directing 100% of its profits from the sale of its bottle water to alleviate water and sanitation needs in impoverished countries, NIKA hopes to solve the water needs of thousands of families throughout the world.  In addition, by enlisting the youth in North America to help with its mission, NIKA further hopes to create awareness and knowledge that act as a catalyst for thousands of youth to get involved in the quest to bring clean water to impoverished areas of the world. For more information, visit


NIKA will offset 100% of its carbon footprint produced from manufacturing to consumption by funding reforestation projects, which naturally absorbs carbon from the atmosphere.  In addition, NIKA has pledged that for every bottle of NIKA water sold, NIKA will ensure that a corresponding plastic bottle is taken out of the environment and recycled.  To do this, NIKA is working with schools and universities around the country to create plastic bottle buy-back programs where NIKA pays the sponsoring school a small fee for every plastic bottle they collect and recycle.

Partner Quote

“After extensive research, we determined that was the superior provider of carbon footprint solutions due to their professionalism, pragmatic and business friendly solutions, list of available projects and complete operational transparency ensuring that NIKA was devoting its resources in a truly meaningful way.”