New Year’s Resolutions: Make 2010 Carbon Neutral

January 09, 2010

Please consider making 2010 a carbon neutral year. This could be your resolution that makes not only a positive impact on your life and those around you, but the lives of all by helping to fight climate change. It’s a critical year– will the US make good on its promises to take concerted action on climate change by passing strong climate legislation? Will the world take the Copenhagen UN Climate Conference to the next level by acting on stated goals? Individual action, whether by an individual, a group, family, or a business or organization matters more than ever to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Action also shows you support a clean energy future, and environmental sustainability in pursuing economic growth in our country and abroad. If you’ve never calculated your carbon footprint before, consider doing so today. It’s easy. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and offset the rest to be carbon neutral today. By offsetting, you balance out the emissions you can’t avoid by supporting third-party validated carbon reduction projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and/or reforestation. lets you choose the type of project to support. You can do all this at’s website. Click here to get started. The average carbon footprint of an American is about 24 metric tons a year, or 50,000 pounds of CO2 a year! So take action today on your carbon footprint. A simple preset option that offers is ZeroCarbon™ to offset your carbon footprint in support of carbon reduction projects. The option is available for both individuals and families at’s carbon calculator. If you’re affiliated with or run a business, be sure to check out’s business calculator and preset options. You can make 2010 a carbon neutral year. Get started today!