New Social Game Cleans Up on Facebook

September 13, 2011 Foundation is proud to partner with GUERILLAPPS for Trash Tycoon (, the first ‘Upcycling’ game for Facebook. Trash Tycoon allows players to maneuver around a visually whimsical world to recycle, collect litter and ‘pitch in’ to help make the planet a more beautiful and sustainable place to live. Players become eco-entrepreneurs as they earn game money and points by collecting trash and upcycling it to create marvelous new products. They can even manage a worm farm and control their “worm families” in a mini-game within Trash Tycoon. Trash Tycoon also features a Charity Contest where players get to vote on their favorite carbon-mitigation program to take environmental action in the real world. Players can vote for reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency, and each month the game will donate 10% of the voters’ virtual currency revenues to the program with the most votes. “Trash Tycoon is a fun, interactive game with a great underlying message,” said Eric Carlson, president. “We’re excited about this project because it’s a fresh, easy approach toward making environmental consciousness a part of our everyday lives.” supports domestic and international renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. All of their projects meet the highest standards and are third-party validated to ensure every donation is making a positive impact. By playing Trash Tycoon, users are supporting clean technology and reduction projects that drive investment and innovation, and hasten the market transformation to a low carbon future. and Guerillapps hope Trash Tycoon can harness the power of Social Networking games to help teach consumers about the environment and resource conservation, and, with the use of in-game campaigns featuring social goods, rally players together to help in the fight against climate change by contributing to carbon offset projects while enjoying game play. Trash Tycoon was created by GUERILLAPPS, a company building online social games that tie in with real-world brands and activities.  “With the help of, we are able to gamify charity donation, make it fun and give back to the environment,” said Raviv Turner, Co-Founder & CEO of Guerillapps.