New partnership allows consumers to neutralize their carbon footprint right at the pump

January 31, 2011 announced today its latest initiative to make it easy and affordable for individuals to reduce their climate impact through the creation of a grassroots partnership with GreenCo, a San-Diego-County-based gas station and mini mart that has created what is believed to be the first ever “pay at the pump” carbon reduction program in the U.S. For an additional five cents per gallon, GreenCo customers now have the opportunity to neutralize the emissions created from the use of fossil fuels.  That 5 cents per gallon add-on, which is voluntary for the customer, is then forwarded to to support third-party validated carbon reduction projects, such as reforestation in Idaho, wind farms in Texas or truck stop electrification in California. “GreenCo’s gasoline prices are competitively low in order to incentivize our customers to choose to add on the 5 cents per gallon right at the point of sale, the pump,” GreenCo CEO Robert Warner said.  “Then can take the proceeds and do what they do best – combat the CO2 emissions that result from fossil fuels and support projects that provide the biggest environmental bang for the buck.” The green-and-white gas stations that dot Southern California send a direct message to customers who are concerned about the environmental cost of operating a car. “Feel Better About Fueling” is the GreenCo slogan, and they deliver on that message by empowering drivers to take a grassroots approach to lowering carbon emissions. “We are excited to develop this concept with GreenCo that allows consumers to take at-the-pump action,” said Eric Carlson, president. “Climate change affects every one of us, and we all must be part of the solution. Programs like GreenCo’s are helping individuals reduce emissions today while we transition to a low-carbon future.” The average American is responsible for 50,000 pounds of CO2 annually as a result of activities like powering their homes and driving their cars. “If someone buying gas with a credit card is automatically asked by the pump’s computer if they want to add on a car wash, why not ask the same customer if they’d like to neutralize their car’s carbon footprint by purchasing a carbon offset?” Warner asks. GreenCo hopes to continue to have an impact on climate change by expanding their environmentally unique approach to the local gas and minimart industry throughout the U.S.