New Carbonfree® Partner Invento Ventures Expands Environmental Responsibility

September 12, 2018

Invento Ventures, offering the VistaProtect™ Privacy Filters for computer and device screen security, joined the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program this year to neutralize operational and product shipping emissions.

“The success of any company depends, to a large degree, on whether we can reduce our impact on the environment,” explains Vincent Cassar, Director at Invento Ventures Ltd.  “No business can operate without a carbon footprint.  In a world where climate change is increasingly on the agenda and global emissions continue to grow, we believe our business should be proactive and act responsibly.”

Developed in Switzerland, using advanced privacy technology, VistaProtect™ Privacy Filters mount onto computer monitors or laptops, ensuring information remains private and confidential in public work spaces.  The VistaProtect™ Privacy Filters guarantee that only you can see your screen.  Everyone else, including co-workers, strangers, or even competitors, will see a black screen.  It provides a secure solution for open office settings, healthcare providers, financial institutions or when travelling.

When customers no longer need their VistaProtect™ Privacy Filters, they can return them to the company at no cost for reuse or recycling, ensuring the lowest environmental impact. welcomes Invento Ventures to the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program and commends the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible operations.